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                   Our Mission Statement:
     Animals enrich our lives.  People who own pets will live longer, happier, fuller lives.  Our pets remind us of what it is to be wild, gentle, loyal - to trust, flourish, slow with age and die.  They connect us to something fundamental in our beings.
     We are the caretakers of that connection.  For all that pets teach us, for the love and joy they bring into our lives, they deserve good care - and they rely on us to give it.
     The doctors and staff of the Bath Veterinary Hospital celebrate the human-animal bond.  We strive to use our combined knowledge and skills to enhance the life of every pet.  Our goal is to provide compassionate care and quality medicine to our patients, exceptional service to our clients, and career enthusiasm and business success to our staff. 
     We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to pursue these goals.




154 E Morris St

Bath NY  14810


Tel:  607-776-7685

Fax:  607-776-1154


Hours of Operation:
Mon, Thur, Fri  8am - 5pm

Tue  8am - 2pm
Wed 8am - 1pm
every other Sat  8am - 1pm
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